Zuni Fetish Cornmeal Bowl

Zuni Fetish Cornmeal Bowl

Jessie Western

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A Zuni turquoise fetish bowl.

artist; Marvelita Phillips

made from pottery and real crushed turquoise.

BEAUTIFUL little fetish bowl especially created to feed your fetishes! Bowl is encrusted with turquoise chips symbolizing blue corn pollen & has three fetishes attached to the outside & one on the inside with corn meal. Each fetish has a spirit living within it & this spirit must be fed to maintain it's power. 2" diameter- 1 7/16" tall.

Fetishes are small hand carvings, most often of animals, made by the Zuni people in various materials, such as Mother-of-Pearl, Jet, Turquoise, Pipestone, Marble, Jasper, Travertine and Bone.  In Native American traditions, fetishes are considered Sacred because they are imbued with the powers of the animal they represent; animals often depicted include bears, wolves, beavers, dragonflies, horses, badger, frog, deer, eagle and many others. 

Enjoy browsing our fine collection online and talk to us if you would like a more in depth discussion about the animals, their meanings and traditions, or to know more about the many respected and highly collectable artists who keep this art alive.



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