Since the beginning of Jessie Western, Jessica and Vicky's sole aim is to have jewellery, bags, boots and clothes that are completely handmade and one off. All the artists Jessie Western work with create from their heart and are not being forced to mass produce.
Jessie Western's world is all about objects with a purpose: turquoise jewellery made by Native American artists and fine gem jewellery by Jessie Western.All Jessie Western pieces have been thoughtfully selected; the free minded person enjoys this intentional work and the meaning behind each piece of handmade jewellery, carving and bead work.   The ethical foundation of Jessie Western products is something we are proud of and a love for art and nature has always been with us and we continue to enjoy sharing it with others.
Be aware who makes your jewellery and caring about the very source of where it comes from
Picture of Michael talking about his work on the Zuni reservation in February 2016.
Silver rings like this fake copy sold on websites and in street market stalls in the UK robs money from the real artist. Be aware of fake turquoise and protect real Art .
Native American Indian jewellery in Jessie Western shop window. We have some of the rarest turquoise around. All signed by the real Native American Artist.  
Enjoy wearing real turquoise
Enjoy shopping on our website and feel confident that your supporting REAL Native American Indian artists.
Caring about the Native American Indian artists and trying to protect them against people copying their designs is very hard.
Jessie Western  have helped some Native American Indian artists copyright their designs. There is a huge surge of copied Native American Indian jewellery today in the High Street shops around the UK and markets and even now on our own Portobello Road market we see FAKE copies made in the Philippines, China or Mexico, including the much loved dream catcher.
Below is a picture of 'plastic' turquoise which is sold everywhere in the UK and Europe .
This beaded earring is a direct copy of a Native American Indian earring ,we found this in a well known high street shop  - we know the real artists who make this design and it's sad their is no law in this country protecting the Native American Indian artist .
Vogue Japan wearing amazing Jessie Western gem quality sleeping beauty turquoise necklace and cuffs made by a Navajo Native American Indian artist .


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