In the last 28 years we have been going to the reservation (this is the Mesa above )we have become intensely aware and involved in the objects of powerful significance and particularly the animals they are made with purpose and meaning. Each animal is finely carved and gives us animal power guidance.
Every power animal is hand carved and they believe the stone has the animal waiting to be carved just by the feel of it, the spirit of the animal comes when carved and protects the beholder, they choose you. Every piece in Jessie Western is hand made by real Native American Indian Artists.
The corn maiden
The corn maiden is something my sister and I love and you will always see them in Jessie Western, they look after women and children also for fertility  and prosperity (corn )for the new year ahead .
These animals are carved from all types of special stones ,and have small arrow heads and sometimes a stone tied on there back.Below  are some of the meanings ..the animals are very important and teach lessons and guidance on our path in life.
"We love the medicine cards ..and find them part of Jessie western everyday and you can buy also from our store, they have in depth meanings about each animal and give further guidance along with the animal carved "fetishes".
The Native American Indians strongly believe that the animals protect you on your journey in life, Zuni tribe are  the only Native American Indian artists who make animal carvings called 'fetishes' also the fetish necklaces.
the bear
The Bear represents strength and intuition ,going within to find answers. We have many bears available and please click here to view them.


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