The echo that we hear back to us from the canyon is: keep it real, walk your talk…jessie western celebrates the real craftsmanship of the Native American artists they have supported and collaborated with for over 24 years.

Every piece is hand-crafted sterling silver and real turquoise Native American jewellery; Jessie Western collaborations with the Navajo and Zuni artists; sully hand beaded moccasins; hand-cut and fully embellished fringed bags; US made hats with Navajo sterling silver conchos; Jessie Western collection of hand-woven Native American blankets; coats, suede skirts, dresses, ponchos, jeans and handmade cowboy boots. Jessie Western have had the great pleasure of working with so many talented artists and respect the energy and life that every piece of art is given.
Jessie western @LFW presentation
(wearing entire Jessie western collections and Native American
Indian jewellery)
Much of their youth was spent on a Seminole reservation, they have lived and travelled extensively in the American Southwest. Jessie studied at St Martins College before being signed as a singer/songwriter to Chrysalis in LA - Jessie has always been designing jewellery and her unique style of clothing. Her latest Fine Jewellery collections are influenced by her love for rare stones and animals and she meticulously hand draws each piece. She sets diamonds, tsavorites, sapphires and is constantly on the look out for uncut rare aquamarines which she is obsessed with! Vicky is an established geometric landscape artist and studied at Chelsea Art College.
Eleanor with Jessie and Vicky
“The silver is often punched with animal details and symbols, they all have special meanings from their ancestors. It is exciting to see the work of the artists, it is always changing and transforming. Jessie Western have been collaborating with Native Artists in a natural, evolving way. We have forged close relationships with the artists over the years. The Spirit Animals they carve on the reservation like the eagle, for example, is to seek a higher perspective and widen their vision. We feel blessed to have watched so many ceremonial dances. We want to share their Art and vision. Last week. we interviewed Michael Mahooty, a Native American Zuni friend, who shares his stories with us of the Bear clan he belongs to, and explains why he loves carving animals. This was shown  at the LFW presentation with a picture of 92 year old Zuni elder, Eleanor Aliyote. Her eyes light up when she talks about jewellery and she shows us the silver she has on her workbench ready for shaping. Eleanor made us both bracelets about eight years ago.”
"We have been going to the reservations in Arizona for over 28 years and support over 4000 Native American Artists directly,"

"Its exciting to see the work of the artists: it's always changing and evolving. The Native American Artists we work with believe wearing Turquoise protects them on their journey in life. The silver is often punched with animal details and symbols , they all have special meanings many which have been passed down from generation to generation.

The Zuni people hand carve the spirit animals , "Fetishes". The Eagle, for example is to seek a higher perspective, widen their vision...We feel very blessed to have watched so many Ceremonial Dances over the years: it's a rich culture, and one we love.

We want to share that passion, their vision and art.

Jessie Western customers really enjoy the experience of finding 'that special piece'. We have a large , diverse collection, so there is something for everyone. Turquoise is an amazing stone; it varies in colour from mine to mine. We sell only genuine natural untreated Turquoise. Be aware that much of the jewellery sold as 'Turquoise' is in fact reconstituted turquoise mixed with plastic resin and dye.
'JESSIE WESTERN' Own Brand Jewellery
Each stone is hand-picked by Jessie, every design is created with love and meticulously drawn first. We've recently gone crazy for rare double blue aquamarines that we cut in our own special way to celebrate the natural beauty of the natural colour and formation. Diamonds of every colour, bright green to yellow tsavorites, tourmalines and sapphires are a constant source of joy! The Jessie Western Fine Jewellery Collection is always growing: new pieces are added weekly. We are also happy to provide custom made pieces, from earrings to engagement rings.
JESSIE WESTERN Silver Jewellery
We have an exciting new collection of Sterling silver Jewellery coming out in 2017.
Jessie and Vicky
(owners of JESSIE WESTERN)
The sisters are wearing Jessie Western antique Navajo and new Collectors' pieces.

Jessie and Vicky, sisters and founders of Jessie Western, have been going to the reservations in Arizona for over twenty-five years and support over four thousand Native American artists directly. Jessie Western specialises in rare and unusual stones. Jessie and Vicky are avid collectors of Native American jewellery with a passion for stones,design and one-off pieces.
“The Native American artists we work with believe Turquoise protects them on their journey in life,” explain the sisters.
Jessie Western specializes in rare and unusual Turquoise stones and Native American Jewellery. Jessie and Vicky are avid collectors themselves, with a passion for stones and design that shines through in the store.
Suede Clothing Brand
NEW! Tailored fringed : skirts, shawls, fringed jackets, military jackets and shirts. All completely hand made in the softest suede and designed by JESSIE WESTERN.
Model wearing Jessie western fringed jacket all hand beaded and suede skirt from Jessie  Western  LFW Presentation and jewellery too.
JESSIE WESTERN - Fashion Pioneers.
Jessie Western were the first to bring Moccasins to the UK over 19 years ago. KATE MOSS was the first to be spotted in Jessie Western moccs and thereafter the trend filtered into high street shops. Jessie Western pride themselves in stocking the authentic footwear that started it all - we always have . All our moccasins are made in the USA and Canada by Native  owned company. Our amazing fully beaded Navajo moccasins are works of art - art you can wear on your feet!
1 KATE MOSS spotted in Jessie Western moccs; 2 You magazine wearing Jessie western jacket and jewellery; 3 Hand beaded moccasins made by Navajo artist; 4 Vogue wearing Jessie western suede shawl and Jessie western antique concho belt  and cowboy boots and necklaces;
Fringed bags, jackets and jewellery were worn by model Freja in VOGUE and then, again, the high street followed. These fringed jackets and shawls are long standing design favourites of Jessie Western: they feature heavily in all the major fashion magazines over and over again. Our amazingly fringed bags and pouches are made in Colorado mountains exclusively for us.
Recently worn by Elizabeth Jagger . We alsocustom make bags with silver, stones and one off pieces.
They count Kate Moss, Cameron Diaz, Kate Hudson, Brad Pitt, Anna Dello Russo as clients as well as Mick Jagger, Chloe Sevigny, Erin O’Connor, Jean Campbell.

Jessie Western is proud to supply authentic Native American Indian Jewellery  that Georgia O’Keefe adored for the Tate Gallery’s exciting 2016 season summer exhibition. Georgia O’Keeffe sought to capture a mercurial light in her paintings as it illuminated a desert landscape carved in ‘Deep Time’; her paintings reveal a fascination with constancy and change during an era when women's opportunities in society underwent radical change. She has become an American icon in her own right and her homestead, Ghost Ranch in Abiquiu .  Her life  inspires all people, everywhere.
Jessie Western's silver Navajo and antique bracelets were featured in the ALICE TEMPERLEY look-book and advertising campaign recently;
ANNA DELLA RUSSO looks amazing in Navajo statement jewellery. Jessie Western's Jewellery features on her website for 'wanted looks'. We think she looks great! Looking forward to the collaboration with Anna :coming soon


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