Jessie Western sustainable Since the beginning

Jessie Western sustainable Since the beginning

When we first started our shop over 16 years ago ., we pledged to only have minimal waste and never use plastic in packaging and never use any plastic in any of our items we sell .

We make all our clothes for Jessie Western brand right here in our Nottinghill studio also we actually print the fabric in london .
We really care deeply about who makes our clothes and care about where they are made , Jessie hand draws each design on her fabrics and her contemporary aesthetic that mixes prints, texture and   Of course our famous Blanket coats Which are using blanket that are limited edition and NA college fund . ‘’We at Jessie Western make clothes to last ,quality and sustainable fabrics ‘’.

Jessie Western have been working hard through the pandemic to help the Native American Indian Artists .We at Jessie  Western support and work directly with     many artists so they can keep Going . They ran out of masks and supplies very early on and with no help coming to these remote areas . Know that when you buy from Jessie Western your Supporting the real Native American Indian artists . 



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