Large Natural turquoise Buckle, heavy silver setting.


One Size
One Size

Has anyone ever seen such a large natural one stone buckle as this?

We haven't , its amazing , the colours of the stone goes through so many shades of turquoise and the natural matrix is mesmerising.

Set into very heavy gage silver hand worked setting, the shape and design is very storng and eegant, the buckle is signed by the artist on the back , this is a vintage piece as turquoise this big is never seen let alone used in jelwery anymore.

This buckle is outstanding a real show stopper and in 20 years I have never seem anything sililar to it.

its something to keep for ever and wear as much as possible!

We have it here on a brown saddle leather Jessie western belt but can be worn on any of our belts in any colour.

Size: 16 cm long

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